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an Orphanage

This was a short film I did some years ago when I was streaming a radio podcast. The program was about an orphan boy being interviewed by a journalist from The Danish National Radio in the 1950'ies. The boy had suffered from great neglect by his mother and the lag of fatherhood in his childhood home, which in the end led the boy to this orphanage by the North Sea. The soundtrack is the actual interview that was made back then.

   The film was nominated in the category best animation at the annual film award show hosted by the danish film magazine Ecco in 2014. 

  Here's an article in the magazine about the movie (it's in danish, though):

   Lately the film was used by DR (Danish National Radio) themselves in a campaign to stop violence against children.

Book Project-

Betty Bell and Freddy Frost

- by Ditte k. Gade

A childrens christmas book - made by the child in me.

Mini Project-

Bear rolls in Rabbit

Anim Short

This was a spare time short - just for the fun of it!

Graphic Novel Project

Beyond the Beech and the Oak

Trailer for Beyond the Beech and the Oak

Alle videoer

Alle videoer


In order to promote my graphic novel I've made a trailer for the story.

Graduation Bachelor Project

Pig Me

Graduation project. Worked as an animator and a character design artist together with my other talented classmates: Mette Tange, Israel Hernandez, Marie-Louise Jensen and Rebecca B. Sørensen.

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