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About the author


Hi there.

  So, you've come across my homepage of various illustrations, animations, paintings etc. and you've probaly guessed by now that I'm an illustrator/ animator/ name it!

 Long story short; I've acted, played music, been singing, created stories almost since 1985 (where I was born). It has been a life long passion and lead me to the coolest school, The Animation Workshop, in Viborg (Denmark where I'm from) from where I graduated with a bachelor degree in Character animation.

  After end school time I've had a lot of different animation and illustration jobs.

  At the moment I work full time at a succesfull game company called Moviestarplanet that has created a handfull of cool games for tweens at the age of 8 to 13.

  Beside of my job as a graphic artist I create all kind of different projects all from writing books, graphic novels to making small animation shorts.


Should any of my work fall under your category of prefered artwork that you'll need for any kind of project, please feel free to send me an email on

Thank you.

Make sure to follow my various doodles and other work as it's coming in on my blog. Please follow the link below:

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